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Layers Extra

Available in: 100g sachet, and 500g and 1kg tub

Layers Extra is a water-soluble powder formulated by veterinary nutritionists. It contains a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and probiotics. Use as a supplement for pullets, growers, laying hens and breeding birds routinely, and during periods of stress. Layers Extra enhances and maintains egg production, promotes growth, and combats poor productivity. It contains Calcium and Phosphorous in the right ratios for strong bones, strong egg shell and yolk quality.


  • Layers Extra is a complete supplement formulated with vitamins, probiotics, amino acids and minerals.
  • The carefully selected vitamin and trace element sources have maximum bioavailability.
  • Modern manufacturing methods and the inclusion of certified additives offers maximum product quality.
  • Guaranteed potency and traceability of ingredients.


  • Boosts egg production in pullets, young and old laying birds and birds recovering from stress situations.
  • Provides excellent supplementation of all nutritional requirements for growing and adult laying birds routinely and in periods of stress.
  • Contains Calcium and Phosphorous in the right ratios for strong bones, strong egg shell and yolk quality.
  • Prevents cannibalism and egg eating vices in laying flocks by providing the right and adequate amount of amino acids and minerals.
  • Probiotics stabilise gut flora to improve digestibility and feed utilisation.
  • Electrolyte supplementation aids in recovery during periods of stress and maintains healthy growth.

Recommended Usage

By oral route; dissolve in drinking water or mix in feed.

Ideal dosage is 1g per litre in drinking water, or mix 100g in 10kg of feed. Measure 1 teaspoonful (5g) per 5 litres of drinking water.

Administer daily for 6 days in stressful situations such as vaccination, disease, during change of feed, or during situations of excessive heat.

Routine use; use daily during egg laying periods to enhance productivity in layers and breeders.