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Super Vitaphos Maziwa

Pack Size: 1kg, 2kg Pouches, 5kg Bag, 5kg,15kg Bkt, 20kg Bag

SUPER VITAPHOS MAZIWA is a white to offwhite free flowing powder free from foreign particles that is specially formulated to provide mineral supplements for high-yielding dairy cows during lactation and pregnancy. It improves milk production and aids in the growth of the developing calf.


  • A specially formulated mineral supplement for dairy cattle. It aids in the growth and development of calves and also improves milk production in lactating cows.
  • Contains Vitamins & all major Minerals & Trace Elements.
  • Contains one of the easiest-to-digest and most highly concentrated sources of Phosphorus.
  •  The inclusion of Vitamins improves health, prevents Vitamin deficiency and aids in the absorption of the Minerals.
  • Has high bioavailability for maximum utilisation.


  • The animals become stronger and healthier due to the high mineral deposition in their bones.
  • It also helps prevent problems that might occur after calving eg. Milk fever, retained afterbirth etc.
  • Replenishes mineral reserves depleted during peak production.
  • High milk production.
  • Better heat detection.
  • Higher conception rates.

Recommended Usage

Use two (2) heaped tablespoonfuls (30g).

Feed SUPER VITAPHOS MAZIWA preferably mixed with Dairy Meal, or fed ad-lib.

Adult Cows:
120g daily (8 heaped tablespoonfuls) for maintenance and 15g (1 heaped tablespoonful) per litre of milk produced.

60g daily (4 heaped tablespoonfuls)

30g daily (2 heaped tablespoonfuls)