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Vitaphos Mineral Block

Available in: 2kg, 3kg and 5kg block

Vitaphos Mineral Block is a vitamin mineral lick containing salt and essential macro and trace elements including calcium and phosphorus. It contains added vitamins required for optimum performance. For use in all breeds and ages of cattle, sheep, goats, horses and camels. Salt and minerals are important for the improvement of appetite, growth rate, milk production, and the prevention of diseases and infertility in animals.


  • Vitaphos Mineral Block contains a balance of minerals for use in all breeds and ages of cattle, sheep, goats, horses and camels.
  • It contains sodium chloride (common salt) as well as macro-elements, trace elements and vitamins A, D and E.
  • It helps meet the basic mineral requirements, improve growth rates, reproduction and the general health of the animals.
  • Serves as a supplementation of macro and micro elements required for growth and maintenance.


  • Improvement of growth and fertility in the animals.
  • Improves feed intake and pasture utilisation
  • Helps prevent problems caused by deficiencies of essential minerals e.g. retained placenta, white muscle disease, grass tetany, sway back, pica (eating of bones, soil, clothes etc), stunted growth and anaemia.
  • The exceptional palatability lets your stock regulate the amount they need.

Recommended Usage

Vitaphos Mineral Block is fed ad-lib. Place near water troughs.

Sufficient blocks should be spread out to avoid overcrowding of the animals at the licking area.

Vitaphos Mineral Blocks are weather resistant. They also do not disintegrate with continued licking.