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Vitaphos Biomin

Pack Size: 2kg Pouches, 5kg, 20kg Bag

VITAPHOS BIOMIN is a special formulation of mineral supplements containing macro-elements, trace minerals, vitamins, yeast and Bio-Plex Minerals for use in sheep, goats, beef and range cattle.


  • Vitaphos Biomin is a mineral stock lick formulation for use in sheep, goats beef and range cattle.
  • It contains sodium chloride (common salt) as well as macro-elements, trace elements and vitamins A, D and E.
  • It helps meet the basic mineral requirements, improve growth rates, reproduction and the general health of the animals.
  • Serves as a supplementation of macro and micro elements required for growth and maintenance.


  • Improvement of growth and fertility in the animals.
  • Improves feed intake and pasture utilisation
  • Helps prevent problems caused by deficiencies of essential minerals e.g. retained placenta, white muscle disease, grass tetany, sway back, pica (eating of bones, soil, clothes etc), stunted growth and anaemia.

Recommended Usage

Provide Vitaphos Biomin to the animals as a free lick (ad lib). You can also mix Vitaphos Biomin with some mash feeds before offering to the animals.

Cattle and Goats: Feed ad-lib

Sheep: Provide 30g per adult animal per day. Vitaphos Biomin contains Copper, do not feed ad-lib to sheep