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Vitaphos Ultimax

Available in: 2kg pouch

Vitaphos Ultimax is a superior quality supplement for use in feed concentrates specially formulated to improve palatability and utilisation of feed/forage and also achieve higher milk production, fertility and health of the dairy herd.


  • Formulated with the best sources of elements and vitamins to achieve the maximum bio-availability of the respective nutrients.
  • Vitaphos Ultimax in addition to optimum Calcium and Phosphorus supplementation has added Macro and Trace elements in form of organic bio-plexes.
  • Specific strains of yeast selected to influence the cows’ performance have also been included.
  • Guaranteed potency and traceability of ingredients.


  • Vitaphos Ultimax stabilises rumen pH and highly enhances feed utilisation in the rumen leading to higher energy levels for the cow.
  • Helps establish adequate tissue reserves of minerals, to support and achieve better reproductive function in high yielding dairy animals.
  • Milk production, lactation persistency, heat detection and conception rates improve due to the Dairy Fertility Pak in the formulation.
  • Helps to fully tap the dairy cow’s genetic potential for reproduction and milk production.
  • Improves taste and palatability of animal feeds.

Recommended Usage

Vitaphos Ultimax contains high levels of trace elements and should not be offered as a free lick. Vitaphos Ultimax should be mixed thoroughly with commercial dairy feeds prior to feeding the dairy cows. Serving size is based on overall milk production as below:

Upto 20 Litres per day – 60g (2 measures) per cow daily

20 – 40 Litres per day – 90g (3 measures) per cow daily

40 – 60 Litres per day – 120g (4 measures) per cow daily

Above 60 Litres per day – 150g (5 measures) per cow daily