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Vitaphos Phos-Rich Block

Available in: 5kg block

Vitaphos Phos-Rich Block, is a premium licking block specially formulated for high yielding livestock. It is fortified with a high phosphorous content and minerals: both macro and trace elements. Vitaphos Phos-Rich Block can be used in dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats, horses and camels. The mineral combination of Vitaphos Phos-Rich Block is important for the improvement of appetite, growth-rate, milk production, and the prevention of diseases and infertility in animals.


  • Vitaphos Phos-Rich Block contains a balance of minerals for dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats, horses and camels.
  • It contains sodium chloride (common salt) as well as macro-elements and trace elements.
  • It helps meet the basic mineral requirements, improve growth rates, reproduction and the general health of the animals.
  • Serves as a supplementation of macro and micro elements required for growth and maintenance.


  • The high phosphorus content helps primarily to replace losses caused by milk production.
  • It also balances diets naturally low in phosphorus – for example grass silage.
  • Improvement of growth and fertility in the animals.
  • Improves feed intake and pasture utilisation
  • The exceptional palatability lets your stock regulate the amount they need.

Recommended Usage

Vitaphos Phos-Rich Block is fed ad-lib. Place near water troughs.

Sufficient blocks should be spread out to avoid overcrowding of the animals at the licking area.

Vitaphos Phos-Rich Blocks are weather resistant. They also do not disintegrate with continued licking.