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Pack Size: 2kg, 25kg bag

Toxsorb is a synergistic blend of activated charcoal, specialized clays, and organic acids. It is a complete toxin binder for the adsorption of a wide spectrum of mycotoxins, including aflatoxins, Ochratoxin, T-2 Toxin and Fumonisin.


  • Toxsorb is a multi-component toxin binder specially developed as a complete solution to a broad-spectrum of mycotoxins
  • Toxsorb binds to selective mycotoxins found in feed such as AFB (aflatoxins), OCH (Ochratoxin), T-2 Toxin and Fumonisin
  • Toxsorb prevents mould growth in feed stored in humid environments.
  • Toxsorb reduces the bioavailability of the mycotoxins to the animals


  • Binds to a wide range of mycotoxins High efficacy in mycotoxin binding.
  • Improves animal health and productivity by preventing mycotoxicosis. Prevents fungal contarnination, and binds atflatoxins.
  • Improves feed conversion ratio (CR).
  • Stable at broad pH range for effective mycotoxin binding throughout the gut.
  • It is heat stable.

Recommended Usage

Regular use: Mix 500gm – 1kg of TOXSORB per tonne of feed.