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Pig Finisher Premix

Pack Size: 2kg, 20kg

A high-quality nutrient concentrate for addition to feed for commercial pigs during their finishing stages. The sources of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids used to formulate this premix are carefully selected to provide the maximum bioavailability of the respective nutrients for pigs during finishing


  • Pig Finisher Premix has been specially formulated for use in climatic areas of high temperature and humidity, where feed consumption can be affected by these conditions.
  • The carefully selected vitamin and trace element sources give maximum bioavailability.
  • Modern manufacturing methods and the inclusion of certified additives offers maximum product quality.


  • Optimum levels of vitamins and trace elements available in a single premix.
  • Optimum shelf-life (stability) in high quality stay-fresh packaging.
  • Optimum feed conversion for the best possible growth and production.
  • Guaranteed potency and traceability of ingredients.

Recommended Usage

Thoroughly mix 2 kg of PIG FINISHER Premix for every 1,000 kg of feed. Care should be taken to ensure good dispersion throughout the mix.