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Dairy Premix

Pack Size: 2kg, 20kg

CIBUS DAIRY Premix is a high-quality nutrient concentrate containing vitamins and trace elements in a formulation that is specially tailored to provide the respective nutrient requirements of dairy cattle irrespective of the age, breed, reproductive stage or even the stage of lactation.


  • Cibus Dairy Premix has been specially formulated for use in climatic areas of high temperature and humidity, where feed consumption can be affected by these conditions.
  • Cibus Dairy Premix is designed for addition to feeds for Calves, Heifers, and Dairy animals.
  • The carefully selected vitamin and trace element sources give maximum bioavailability.
  • Modern manufacturing methods and the inclusion of certified additives offers maximum product quality.


  • A single premix with optimum levels of vitamins and trace elements for maximum productivity.
  • Optimum shelf-life (stability)
  • Optimum feed conversion for maximum growth and production.
  • Enhances milk production.
  • Improves heat detection and higher conception rates.
  • Has a high rate of bio-availability for maximum utilization by the animals.

Recommended Usage

Thoroughly mix 2 kg of DAIRY Premix per 1,000 kg of feed, or as directed by your animal nutritionist.